- Detailing and Waxing
- Gelcoat Restoration
- Exterior Washing
- Interior Cleaning
- Plexiglass & Isinglass Detailing
- Brightwork - Polish Metal/Teak
- Mold Management
- Upholstery/Canvas Cleaning
- Barnacle Removal 

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Our mission is to provide the best quality boat detailing experience in Florida. Regardless of the make, model,                                      year, or condition of your vessel, satisfaction is guaranteed.


We have a team of professional detailers who are ready to fix up and put that sparkle back on deck. we offer pressure wash, wash and wax, and compounding. 

The price for detailing a boat depends on its size, its structures and components, the extent of its neglect and the procedures or the detailing program decided upon. Left neglected, a boat can be a financial nightmare to repair and eventually sell. A clean boat is a happy boat!

- Bi-Weekly Washes
- Weekly Interior Cleaning
- Bi-Weekly Interior Cleaning
- Teak- Varnish, Cetol, Oil
- Wash and Wax
- Hand Wash and Wax
- Prep Show/Sale Detail
- Compound Detail